Bearing in mind that I have earlier been present in the field of investments and economic infrastructure, this time from the beginning of 2014 my investments are focused on the real sector and on the production of basic construction materials.

I have decided to invest in Serbia again for many reasons. First of all, my presence and cooperation with the economy of this region lasts for a very long time. Over the years, experience has shown that the business environment, which consists primarily of people, is extremely open to successful cooperation and provides excellent conditions for achieving economic interests and goals.

Investing in Serbia has been beginning in 2014, where Teko Mining GmbH and I as its owner, have invested in the following quarries:

  • Ljubovija – quarry „Krš“
  • Batočina – quarry „Gradac“
  • Petrovac na Mlavi – quarry „Ladne vode“
  • Ćeramide – quarry „Ćeramide" na Rudniku
  • Vinča (asphalt basis) in Belgrade
  • Lapišnica – quarry at Republika Srpska

All these quarries, since the beginning of 2014, operate under the name Teko Mining. The total area of ​​all these quarries is over 340 hectares, and total exploitation of stone reserves is in the amount of about 240 million tons.

Teko Mining is one of the largest private companies which producing various types of stone materials for needs of development and construction of infrastructure in Serbia. Our production capacity is about 3 million tons annually, and we are able to satisfy most of the market needs in terms of quality, quantity and delivery dynamics.

The total number of employees is 161 workers with salary above the average of the economy. All salaries are paid regularly and also are properly paid all legal obligations towards the state.

In order to improve production performance and quality of production, we gradually invest in replacing existing production equipment with a new, technically more modern.

Our business partners are private and public companies such as: Serbian Railways, Public utility road companies, Contractors on corridors X and XI and on the other roads in Serbia, as well as in other areas where the material, which we produce, are used.

We have a future vision of our development both in the territory of Serbia and in the region, and our commitment is to stay in Serbia for many years, to develop our business orientation and to adapt on the needs of the markets in Serbia and the region.

Helena Aluta-Oltyan

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