New owner of the company took measures in order to restructure the organization of business, all with the goal of achieving positive business results.

The company operates profitable and financing of current production is largely ensured from its own working capital, with minimal use of bank loans. From year to year investments in equipment were growing, so in 2018 the total investment was 6 million euros.

Placement of products which are produced in quarries operating within Teko Mining is carried out on the local market, on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Teko Mining is a medium-sized company and annual financial statements have been confirmed by “the Moore Stephens” audit company, and consolidated balance sheet at Teko Mining GmbH by the BDO Group.

The main application the products have in the construction and maintenance of roads and highways, as well as railways, water management facilities, electric power industry and other infrastructure areas.

In addition to major infrastructure projects, a significant amount of products is being distributed through local government bodies, especially public companies involved in the maintenance of local road infrastructure, so a large number of our customers are public companies in the municipalities where our quarries are located, as well as the municipalities and in their surround.

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