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Helena Aluta-OltyanHelena Aluta-Oltyan
Teko mining

A word of the Owner

In the period prior to 2014, my attention was focused mostly on the area of investments and economy infrastructure. However, since the beginning of 2014, my investments are focused on real sector and production of basic construction materials.

I have decided to invest again in Serbia for many reasons. Primarily, my presence and cooperation with the economy of the region is a long-lasting one. Experiences acquired over many years have shown that the business climate, consisting primarily of people, is completely open to successful cooperation and that it provides tremendous conditions for fulfilling economic interests and goals. Investing in Serbia has begun in 2014, when the company Teko Mining, and me as its owner, invested in the following quarries:

  • Ljubovija – quarry Krs
  • Batocina – quarry Gradac
  • Petrovac na Mlavi – quarry Ladne vode
  • Ceramide – quarry Ceramide na Rudniku
  • Vinča (asfaltna baza) u Beogradu
  • Lapišnica – quarry in Republic of Srpska.

Since the beginning of 2014, all these quarries have been operating under the name Teko Mining. Total area of all the quarries is 340 acres, and total exploitative stone reserves are about 240 million tonnes. Teko Mining is one of the largest private companies that produces various types of stone material for the needs of infrastructure development and construction in Serbia. Our production capacity is about 3 million tonnes a year, which means we are able to meet most market needs regarding quality, amount and delivery dynamics. Total number of employees is 161, with the average salary above the average economy income. All salaries are paid on time, and also all legal obligations towards the government are paid regularly. In order to improve production performances and quality, we are gradually investing in replacing the existing production equipment with new, technically more modern equipment.

Our business partners are private and state-owned companies, such as: Zeleznice Srbije, Public utility road companies, Constructors on Corridors 10 and 11 and other roads in Serbia, as well as other areas where materials we produce are used.

Sincerely, Helena Aluta-Oltya

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