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Lapišnica - Istočno Sarajevo

  • Godišnja proizvodnja
    Annual production:
    1.000.000 t

  • Total reserve
    Total reserve:
    17.000.000 t

Basic Products

  • Filler
  • Fraction 0-2 mm
  • Fraction 0-4 mm
  • Fraction 2-4 mm
  • Fraction 4-8 mm
  • Fraction 8-11 mm
  • Fraction 11-16 mm
  • Fraction 16-22 mm
  • Fraction 22-31,5 mm
  • Mixed fraction (0-16, 0-32,0-60)
  • Fraction 8-16 mm
  • Fraction 16-32 mm
  • Fraction 32-63 mm
  • Separated tampon
  • Crushed stone
  • Fraction 50-300 mm
  • Filling material


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Quarry Lapišnica, Istočno Sarajevo

Quarry Lapisnica is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Eastern Sarajevo.

Stone, which is exploited in Lapisnica, is of limestone origin and is mostly used for infrastructure projects for asphalt and concrete production, and there is also a possibility of application in chemical industry and pharmaceutical production.

Reports on the quality of the stone, based on material testing, are issued by accredited laboratories, just like in Serbia.

Quarry Lapisnica owns certificates on factory production control  for concrete aggregate, fractions 0/4, 4/8, 8/11, 11/16 mm in accordance with BAS-EN 12260 + A1:2009, as well as certificate BAS EN-13340 for asphalts.

Quarry was open in 2006. Crusher plant, by Metso Minerals, has stone processing capacity of 300 t/h from the primary part and 500 t/h from the secondary part.

Quarry is open 16 h/day in two shifts.

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